Smaller fruit size and higher organic volume are prompting Domex Superfresh Growers to recommend pouch bags for its apples and pears this season.

The Yakima, Wash.-based company is expanding its pouch bag lineup for both conventional and organic fruit, according to a news release.

“The bags came into market earlier this year, and we have received excellent feedback,” communications manager Catherine Gipe-Stewart said in the release. “At Organic Produce Summit in July, the retailer feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Organic pouch bags ensure the correct ring each time and are filling a retailer need to ensure organic growth is registered at purchasing level.”

Domex is expecting more organic bartlett, red bartlett and bosc pears and more organic gala, granny smith, Honeycrisp and Pink Lady apples, along with higher organic volume of its Autumn Glory apple.

“We are continually hearing from our retail partners that they are excited for organic growth,” director of marketing Mike Preacher said in the release. “At Organic Produce Summit, one of the main takeaways was that organic consumer demand is high, and farmers need to expand to keep up. We are consistently growing our organic acreage and feel aligned to meet future organic demands.”

Autumn Glory harvest will start in late October, with conventionally grown fruit available November through April and organically grown fruit available November through February.

“Last year marked a transition year for Autumn Glory,” Preacher said in the release. “We watched Autumn Glory demand grow dramatically, selling out two months earlier than planned.”

Domex expects 200,000 boxes of Autumn Glory this season, and the variety will be sold nationwide and internationally.