Willy Pardo (from left), Desiree Morales and Chris Gonzales of WP Produce. ( Courtesy WP Produce )

WP Produce, Miami, is reporting a strong start of the peak Dominican Republic avocado season, which it packs under the Desbry brand.

The high-volume season for the year-round Dominican avocado crop is October through May, according to a news release. WP Produce also ships Florida avocados from June through December.

Promotable volumes will be shipping November through January.

“Retailers and foodservice providers have been seeing increased popularity for tropical avocados over the past few years," Chris Gonzalez, vice president of sales, said in the release. "At (the Produce Marketing Association’s) Fresh Summit, interest and enthusiasm for tropical avocados was very high.”

Consumers, especially millennials and mothers, like the larger sizes and green skin of the non-hass tropical variety, Gonzales said in the release.

WP Produce, established in 1984, recently launched a refreshed logo for the Desbry brand, a reference to company founder Willy Pardo’s children, Desiree and Bryan. Moxxy Marketing designed the logo.

"The refreshed Desbry logo honors the past of what my father has worked hard to build, and also highlights our commitment to the future," Desiree Morales, vice president, said in the release. "We are focused on continually leading and improving the tropical produce industry like my dad has been doing the past 30 years, and the new logo is a symbol of that."

New avocado cleaning and sorting equipment has been added at WP Produce’s Dominican Republic operation, increasing capacity. The company also created a worker welfare program there, according to the release.

"As we keep expanding our footprint in the Dominican Republic, we also want to continue building our role in the community, provide a welcoming work environment, and acknowledge our employees’ hard work and dedication," Morales said in the release.

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