Dulcinea Pureheart seedless watermelons are grown off the ground in shade houses. ( Courtesy Pacific Trellis Fruit )

Pacific Trellis Fruit, Los Angeles, is growing Dulcinea brand PureHeart seedless watermelons in a new shade house system in which the fruit never touches the ground while growing.

The company’s grower-partner in Mexico, Agroexport de Sonora, is testing a system in which the watermelons are grown on vertical poles, which boosts yields 30%. The shade house environment also improves the appearance of the fruit by protecting it from sun, extreme wind and insects, according to a news release. 

“This growing methodology also has a positive impact on the environment since it requires less water and land to grow the watermelons vertically,” Josh Leichter, general manager for Pacific Trellis Fruit, said in the release.

Another benefit of growing in a shade house, according to the company, is year-round availability. The shade cloth shields the melons from harsh summer sun, and traps warm air in the colder months, according to the release.

The Dulcinea Pureheart seedless watermelons are available in limited quantities at retail stores.

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