( Courtesy Pacific Trellis )

Pacific Trellis Fruit is marketing its third season of Cotton Candy grapes from the Murcia, Spain, growing region.

The company is packing the Cotton Candy variety, along with other specialty varieties, under the Dulcinea brand for the first time this year, according to a news release.

“We are excited to start our third season working with Moyca on Cotton Candy grapes from Spain,” Josh Leichter, general manager of Pacific Trellis Fruit, Los Angeles, said in the release. “We are now able to supply Cotton Candy grapes to our customers consistently across a six-month window through a combination of supply from Spain, Brazil and Peru.”

Dulcinea’s Cotton Candy grapes will be sold in 1-pound clamshells and available to consumers from now through the end of March, with arrivals on the East Coast.

“The Dulcinea brand is synonymous with delivering a consistent, premium eating experience that delights consumers every time which makes the Dulcinea brand a perfect fit for these premium eating specialty varieties,” Leichter said in the release.

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