Organic lettuce/leafy greens grower Duncan Family Farms is expanding DFF University, which encourages employees to continue training and “grow their careers.”

The company operates in Arizona, California, Oregon and New York, and a steady expansion requires the company to implement technology and a curriculum for a standardized employee education program at its seven locations, according to a news release.

“One of the goals in creating DFF University was to develop a framework that will allow the program to continue delivering benefits to our employees now and in the future,” vice president of human resources at Duncan Family Farms Tina Huff said in the release. “Too often, well-intended education efforts run out of steam over time and are abandoned.

“We’re implementing cutting-edge course management technology and an education oversight committee as part of our commitment to supporting the educational and career needs of our workforce for the long term,” she said in the release.

The curriculum covers management practices, technical skills, mentorship and other areas.