Earthbound Farm uses Adept Technology roboticsOrganic industry leader Earthbound Farm is using robotic systems to case-pack clamshells.

Adept Technology Inc. installed four of its patented ClamPAC systems in April to pack clamshells at San Juan Batista, Calif.-based Earthbound Farm, according to a news release from Pleasanton, Calif.-based Adept.

The switch from manual to automated packing allowed Earthbound Farm to design a more environmentally-friendly clamshell that required gentle handling.

Since in its initial purchase, Earthbound Farm has purchased four more ClamPAC systems.

"We explored several suppliers offering robotic systems. Adept was the only one we found that had a product that could withstand our rigorous sanitation routine," Joe Torquato, Earthbound Farm"s engineering director, said in the release. "Our new robotic packaging systems improve the consistency of our throughput, which helps position us for continued growth. The technology is gentle and accurate it reduces product damage and enhances the presentation of our clamshells in the case."

ClamPAC is the first fully integrated robotic solution to be pre-engineered to case pack clamshells. Adept makes customer-specific modifications to the system before delivery, and its trademarked SoftPIC grippers enable gentle packing at high speeds.