Although resealable top-lidding films are common to plastic punnets, technical challenges have hindered efforts to use the films on recyclable materials such as molded pulp containers.

CKF’s Earthcycle brand of compostable/recyclable, can now use the film, with a development by Associated Labels and Packaging Ltd.

The peel and seal function allows Earthcycle punnets to include larger club packs, according to a news release.

“A peel and reseal lidding solution has been on our target development list since we first presented a top-sealed Earthcycle punnet in 2013,” said Brad Dennis, vice president of sales and marketing for CKF Inc., in a news release. “We know that with more consumer demand moving towards snacking that a resealable lid is necessary.”

The company will be showcasing the punnets at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit on the expo floor at booth No. 5747 Oct. 20-21.