EcoPack System's pineapple crate joins the company's customized packaging for bananas, and the company plans to add other commodity-specific crates. ( Photo courtesy EcoPack Systems )

EcoPack Systems is producing a crate specific to pineapples that features the company’s focus on ventilation, food safety and protecting products being transported and displayed.

The patented system, which uses a plastic frame and plastic bag, has the same dimensions as standard paperboard cartons and plastic crates, according to a news release.

The pineapple crate is being produced in California and Costa Rica.

“The new EcoPack Pineapple Crate creates an advantage for both suppliers and retailers by providing the many financial, hygiene-related and marketing benefits of all our containers with specific design elements created to ensure less damage of the fruit in transit,” EcoPack CEO Danny Bartal said in the release. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we’re already looking to develop similar solutions for other commodities.”

The crates are available in multiple sizes, with three base dimensions at several heights, and the company has a crate for bananas.