As The Packer covered last week, the planned implementation of the Department of Transportation’s Electronic Logging Device requirements in mid-December is causing a lot of angst in both the produce and trucking worlds.

This morning, CarrierLists released survey data on the progress of ELD adoption/compliance among carriers. Here are the results, from CarrierLists:

ELD Adoption Survey Results, as of 11/13/2017

The ELD deadline activity is starting to get heated. We now have 31 days until this mandate goes into effect. 

Five short weeks. 22 working days...

Our survey is now at a 45% compliance rate for fleets run 5 to 100 trucks. This number is the cumulative run rate of the 2,300 interviews we’ve conducted since mid-September. This includes fleets who were or are in the process of installing 
ELDs when interviewed. 

On the bright 
side we have seen a continued spike over the past two weeks in ELD compliance rates. In the past week 68% of the 367 fleets we interviewed told us they are, or are in the process of, becoming compliant. This acceleration was evident in all fleet sizes. 

Our two week moving average for smaller fleets (under 100 trucks) is now at 62%, which is significantly higher than the 46% rate from last week. 

Other Highlights From This Week’s Data: 

45% of the 2,300 fleets surveyed since mid-September have or were in the process of installing 

Our best case scenario is 38% of small fleets have only 5 short weeks to become compliant 
Is there enough supply of hardware and training to meet this demand? 

The numbers for fleets with fewer than five trucks are likely to have an even lower compliance rate.  



TK: Check out more details on the survey at this link..

Given the mad scramble to comply with ELD, the request to delay the deadline for ELD compliance seems reasonable.