Envy apples are now available at retail, three weeks later than last season, and an increase in production is being met by higher consumer demand.

Envy ranked No. 11 in total apple sales, generating year-over-year dollar growth of nearly 30%, according to CMI Orchards, one of the companies marketing Envy apples.

“We know from field reports that Envy gets high marks from retailers for driving repeat sales,” George Harter, CMI vice president of marketing, said in a news release. “Nielsen data shows that Envy sales per store jumped by over 20% this year, quantifying that Envy is a very strong repeat purchase apple.”

CMI estimates production of the apple will jump more than 50% this year.

“That translates to having Envy available to cover more stores longer into the season,” Steve Lutz, senior strategist for CMI, said in the release.

Rainier Fruit Co. and The Oppenheimer Group also grow and market Envy apples in the U.S..