Enza Zaden showcases new varieties, including organics

Seed breeder Enza Zaden unveiled commercial varieties of tomatoes and peppers, and conventional and organic endive, fennel, squash, melon and pumpkin at the company’s 2017 Spring Variety Showcase at its research facility in Myakka City, Fla.

Enza Zaden says it is involved in breeding programs in more than 30 crops in the U.S.

“The field day was a great success overall, with dealers and professional growers from Florida to Quebec gaining insight into the depth of our current offering, and the exciting direction of our product pipeline,” Rod Jorgensen, area sales manager for Eastern US/Canada, said in a news release about the May 18 event.

Tomato varieties on display featured mature green fruits with “excellent resistance packages,” according to the release.

Peppers on display included two open-field blocky bells with high resistance to bacterial leaf spot races 1-5, plus excellent performance under Phytophthora pressure, according to the release.

Enza Zaden also displayed Green Machine zucchini, which grows in the Midwest and eastern U.S.

The company’s organic division, Vitalis Organic Seeds, showcased its second set of trials since obtaining organic certification for a portion of the Myakka research station in 2013. Organic products on display included endive, fennel and melon.

Enza Zaden also displayed Bittergourd, as well as Bellatrix, an early, high-yielding large round hybrid pumpkin with intermediate powdery mildew resistance.



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