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The South Carolina Department of Agriculture is the featured guest at the next dinner meeting organized by the Eastern Produce Council.

South Carolina will be celebrating 48 years with the EPC.

“We continue to see more diversity each year in our overall product mix and strong growth in capital inputs to keep us on the cutting edge of production and in post-harvest handling technology,” South Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers said in an online invitation to the meeting.

“As this message is being written, our peach trees are in full bloom and we are looking forward to a great peach crop,” Weathers said in the invitation. “Other producers are preparing land and are ready to begin plantings of many early summer crops such as mixed vegetables, watermelon, cantaloupes and tomatoes over the next several weeks. We are currently shipping leafy greens and value-added products each day and green onions, sweet onions, cabbage and other items are only days to a few weeks away from harvest.”

The event begins at 6 p.m. April 23, with the meeting and dinner at 7 p.m.

To register, visit the event page on the site.

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