A&B Packing, Lawrenceville, Mich., has packing equipment specialized for blueberries and other small produce, such as cherries and small tomatoes. ( Courtesy A&B Packing )

A Michigan company specializing in packaging solutions for small fresh produce such as blueberries is teaming up with an Australian company that specializes in vision grading machines for small produce.

The collaboration gives blueberry packer-shippers a complete grading and packing solution, according to a news release.

A&B Packing, Lawrence, Mich., and GP Graders, Melbourne, Australia, offer grading and packing solutions to customers in South and North America, Australia and Europe, according to the release. Although GP Graders specializes in systems for cherries and cherry/grape tomatoes, the partnership focuses on blueberry machinery.

 “I visited Australia and met with the GP Graders team, saw where they are heading with designs and technology, then visited a blueberry machine in operation,” A&B Packing owner and CEO Michael Williamson said in the release. “These guys are laser focused on precisely what the market is looking for and together we will have the best solution the market has seen.”

The agreement between the companies covers the U.S., Chile, Peru, Europe and Australia, according to the release.

 “For blueberries we have the best grading solutions and A&B have the best packing machinery, so we focus on our strengths and together we have an unbeatable offering,” GP Graders Director Stuart Payne said in the release.