( Photos courtesy Unsplash and EFI; logo courtesy EFI; graphic by Amelia Freidline )

The Equitable Food Initiative has promoted Ana Luisa “Lulu” Rivera Collazo to workforce development specialist, a new position for the organization.

Rivera Collazo will train EFI leadership teams in workforce collaboration and problem-solving skills, according to a news release. She has been training on EFI farms since 2016, and joined EFI full time in 2019 as facilitator.

EFI is building capacity to cover more farms across North, Central and South America, and has trained leadership teams on 57 farms, according to the release.

“Lulu’s dedication to her work and her exceptional skills in facilitation and building leadership teams is a valuable skill set so we’re very glad to have her on board full time,” Gretta Siebentritt, director of workforce development at EFI, said in the release. “Her experience is well-suited to help our growing number of farm operations looking to train and develop strong leadership teams.”

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So, all the "other" food is not equitable?