Growers of the EverCrisp apple have doubled production to 60,000 boxes this season, and plans call for more growth in the future. ( Courtesy Midwest Apple Improvement Association )

Supplies of the MAIA-1 apple, marketed as EverCrisp, are doubling this season, according to marketer Midwest Apple Improvement Association, Newcomerstown, Ohio.

“Sporting a nice red finish, EverCrisp was looking great on the tree, and the harvested apple tastes just as good as it looked,” Scott Swindeman, co-owner of Applewood Orchards in Deerfield, Mich., said in a news release. “We have about a 25% increase over last year and are looking forward to seeing these apples in stores in the next few months.”

The association plans on selling more than 60,000 boxes through retailers this season, with many of the apples going to northern Ohio markets. Other markets will be announced later this season, according to the release.

With a late harvest and “excellent storage,” according to the release, EverCrisps are being marketed as a late-season apple variety.

Last season, the 23-location Heinen’s grocery chain, with stores between Cleveland and Chicago, the EverCrisp was the top-selling apple in the fifth of an eight-week marketing test, according to the release.

“Enthusiasm and demand for the EverCrisp apple are high as we enter harvest season. The apple sells itself, so we are very thankful for this increase in supply,” John Cushing, senior vice president of sales and marketing at New York Apple Sales Inc. said in the release.