The USDA estimate for fall 2017 potato production is effectively unchanged from December. ( File Photo )

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Statistics Canada estimate that North American potato growers produced 506 million cwt. in fall 2017.

That amount would be a decrease of 1% from 2016, according to the report issued by the organizations Feb. 12.

The dip is consistent with the expectation conveyed in the December report on North American potato production.

Canadian growers harvested 106 million cwt., up slightly from the previous year. U.S. production is estimated at 400 million cwt., down 2% from 2016.

U.S. growers planted 908,000 acres and harvested 902,300 acres, down from 923,800 and 909,600, respectively.

Canadian growers planted 354,800 acres and harvested 342,200 acres, down from 346,800 and 342,400, respectively.

U.S. growers reported yield of 443 cwt., and Canadian growers reported yield of 309.4 cwt.