Hy-Vee and other retailers have recalled garden salads supplied by Fresh Express ( Courtesy FDA )

(UPDATED/CORRECTED) Cyclospora infections linked to Fresh Express garden salads continue to rise and now include Walmart private-label bagged salads, including salad served at a North Dakota restaurant.

From June 23 to the latest update on June 26, 84 more lab-confirmed cases were reported, bringing the total to 206 in eight states.

The Food and Drug Administration reported the salads were processed at the Fresh Express facility in Streamwood, Ill. Those products have a product code beginning with a “Z.” According to the FDA, Fresh Express on June 25 recalled Walmart Marketside branded salads from the plant.

“FDA has begun an inspection at the Fresh Express production facility in Streamwood, Ill., and has concerns that other products made with iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, or carrots may have the potential to be contaminated with cyclospora,” according to the FDA’s June 26 notice. “FDA has discussed these concerns with Fresh Express and the firm has agreed to recall the products of concern.”

Fresh Express reported June 27 it had recalled all products containing the three ingredients that had been processed at the Illinois plant, adding 33 Fresh Express brand salads,15 Giant Eagle salads and two Shoprite organic salads under the Wholesome Pantry label. As of June 29, there were 91 recalled salads. 

 The full list of recalled salads are on the FDA's recall and market withdrawals page.

On June 28, Fresh Express recalled 12 salads in Canada. According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, there have been no cases of cyclospora infections related to the salads detected in Canada. 

The first salads that were recalled, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are:

  • Walmart’s Marketside brand Classic Iceberg Salad, 12- and 24-ounce bags with use-by dates of May 1-June 29, sold in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin;
  • Aldi Little Salad Bar Garden Salad, 12-ounce, all use-by dates, sold in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin;
  • Hy-Vee Garden Salad, 12-ounce bags, all use-by dates, sold in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin; and;
  • Jewel-Osco Signature Farms brand Garden Salad, 12-ounce bags, use-by dates from May 15-July 4, sold in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa.
  • The restaurant was not identified by the CDC.

On June 27, Hy-Vee expanded its recall to include 12 more salads from Fresh Express that contain ingredients included in the garden salad recall. Those include Hy-Vee brand Southwest Chopped Salad Kit, Veggie Deluxe Salad and American Blend Salad.

According to the CDC, salads sold through the four retailers do not explain the scope of the outbreak, and it is working to see if other recently reported cases of Cyclospora infections are related to this outbreak, and if other store’s private-label salads are involved.

More cases are expected; it takes an average of four to six weeks from when people are ill to when it is entered into the national system, according to the CDC.

Illnesses in the outbreak have been reported in:

  • Illinois (57)
  • Iowa (74)
  • Kansas (1)
  • Minnesota (25)
  • Missouri (10)
  • Nebraska (20) 
  • North Dakota (6) and
  • Wisconsin (13).

Notice on correction: The story incorrectly reported the time span between when the illness occurs and when it is entered into a national database as the time it takes for a person to be ill after eating tainted food. According to the CDC, illness can occur from as little as two days to up to more than two weeks.

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