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Some tradeshows come with a hefty price tag. What are the benefits to tradeshows and how can attendees increase ROI?   

Tradeshows help various companies establish relationships that would other wise require extensive travel. Use this time to schedule meetings that would otherwise be impossible. 

Another benefit of tradeshows is the brand awareness that comes from an organization’s presence. 

Are tradeshows that have more of a consumer focus, rather than B2B, more beneficial? Let us know in the comments below, or anonymously submit comments in the form. 

What are some of the barriers to exhibiting at an expo? Logistics, rental furniture, promotional materials, products, etc?  

What tends to increase the cost of attendance?

What are some ways that organizers can better streamline the expo experience? 

How can social media and marketing be better leveraged to help attendees gain the best possible expo experience? 

To best serve attendees, what are some ways you feel tradeshows could improve or adapt to modern business?   

If you were to host an expo next month, what would you do different?

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