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The Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, Maitland, is designating July 12 as #FairTradeForFarmers Day, asking for the public’s help to resist the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

The social media campaign is the latest step in the FFVA’s fight for trade relief measures to “stop two decades of harm done to Florida farmers by cheap Mexican imports flooding the U.S. during Florida’s season,” according to a news release.

The Florida association and growers of crops in Georgia, Florida and other states unsuccessfully lobbied for the North American Free Trade Agreement’s replacement to address the effects of imported Mexican produce during U.S. growing seasons, and to make it easier for U.S. growers to petition the government to investigate claims of dumping.

“It’s important to continue to push our message if we want changes: The devastation to the Florida produce industry under NAFTA will only grow worse under USMCA, with losses reaching levels that will put Florida producers’ survival at risk,” according to the release.

The #FairTradeForFarmers Day comes two days after a similar campaign, Pass #USMCAnow Day, urged members of Congress to approve the new trade pact.

The association prepared a social media toolkit with pre-written Twitter posts and graphics for people to use and post several times throughout the day.

The FFVA is providing statements for posting, asking growers to tailor them “to suit your experience and your crops.” Farmers are being asked to spread the word to others and retweet similar posts.

Access the social media toolkit here

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