Trucks contend with ice and flooding as they load up at the New England Produce Center Jan. 4. ( Joe Mercurio )

The New England Produce Center dealt with flooding Jan. 4 as snow pushed high tide to a record level.

Bill Maheras, sales manager for Chelsea, Mass.-based J. Maheras, a tenant at the center, said operations were back to normal Jan. 5.

On the day of the flooding, the company had to shut down a little early, as trucks could not get out after 1 or 2 p.m.

“Yesterday you needed a raft to get around,” Maheras said.

New England Produce Center flooding
Courtesy Joe Mercurio


He said the area received about a foot of snow.

The Boston Globe reported numerous street closures and emergency rescues in connection with the flooding and also noted that the situation settled down in the evening.