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(UPDATED) The U.S. Department of Agriculture has restricted Florida and South Carolina businesses from operating in the produce industry due to Perishable Agricultural Act violations.

The two restricted businesses, according to a news release, are:

Alpha Family Farms LLC, Royal Oak Beach, Fla., for not paying $22,625 to a Florida seller. Amanda Camacho and Christian Spataro were listed as members of the business.

Sandifer Farms LLC, Blackville, S.C., for failing to pay $172,156 to a Florida seller. As of the issuance date of the reparation order, Bruce A. Barron was listed as a member of the business. The USDA initially listed Phillip L. Sandifer as responsibly connected to the company at the time of the violation, but on Oct. 23 announced the department has determined he was not responsibly connect to Sandifer Farms at the time. Because of the decision, Phillip L. Sandifer may be employed by or affiliated with PACA licensees.

Michael C. Harris, who was also listed as a principal of the company in the USDA's Oct. 15 PACA notice, has also challenged his status in relation to the PACA sanction. The USDA's Oct. 23 update did not mention the outcome of the challenge.

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