The Boston-based company Spoiler Alert specializing in helping companies handle what might otherwise become food waste. ( Spoiler Alert )

Commercial food waste bans have been a boon for Boston-based Spoiler Alert, an organization that works with food companies throughout the U.S. to mitigate the costs of unsold inventory.

“That’s helped the conversations we’ve been having in Massachusetts as well as in other states within New England and states across the country that have similar policies in place,” said chief product officer Emily Malina.

California is among those states that have passed legislation addressing how much businesses can throw away.

“They’re implementing financial penalties associated with the ban, so that combined with the fact that there are so many food companies and growers that are in the California region means there’s a lot of opportunity, so we’re excited to be growing our presence and our impact in that area,” Malina said.

In a few months, Spoiler Alert will be active in 15 states.

“As far as our expansion plans, we’re taking a market-based approach, so largely entering new areas of the country when we have a large partner that is operating in that region and wants to implement our enterprise business intelligence solution,” Malina said.

The company develops customized plans for customers based on their goals for the program.

“Sometimes we’re working with companies to achieve zero-landfill goals, sometimes it’s food donations commitments and meals goals that they’re trying to achieve within their community,” Malina said. “In other cases it’s more around reduction in shrink and improvement to the overall business (key performance indicators), so it really does vary on the customer, but what’s exciting is that we’ve seen great results across the board with customers that we’re working with.”