Food banks win Super Bowl potato betColorado and Washington can both claim Super Bowl victories this year with food bank donations from rival potato organizations.

The Washington State Potato Commission won its spud bet with the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee when the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos on Groundhog"s Day.

The wager called for the losing side to donate 500 pounds of fresh potatoes to the winning city"s food banks for every point scored Feb. 2.

With the Seahawks whipping the Broncos 43-8, food banks in Seattle will receive 25,500 pounds of potatoes, courtesy of the Colorado association.

In a gesture of good sportsmanship, the Washington commission is matching the donation by giving 25,500 pounds of potatoes to Denver food banks, according to a news release from the Moses Lake-based commission.

More than 76,500 servings of potatoes for needy people will be the end result, according to the release.

"We might have been hoping for a different team to win the game, but we are delighted that the total score will allow for such a sizeable donation to food banks in both cities," Jim Ehrlich, executive director of the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, said in the news release.

Washington State Potato Commission executive director Chris Voigt, expressed similar sentiments in the release and added that he is looking forward to the payment of the other part of the wager.

The bet calls for the losing executive director to travel to the winning team"s city to promote the winning state"s potatoes.

The Washington commission is soliciting ideas on its Facebook page for what Colorado"s Ehrlich should do to promote Washington spuds when he visits Seattle.

"We need the 12th Man to come up with some creative ideas that Colorado will have to do to help promote our Washington potatoes," Voigt said in the release.