Fox Packaging, McAllen, Texas, is displaying its new Fox Eco Stand-Up bag (left) and the HD Stand-up bag, at the United Fresh Produce Association convention and expo in Chicago. ( Courtesy Fox Packaging )

Fox Packaging, McAllen, Texas, is showcasing two new products, the Fox Eco Stand-up bag and the HD Stand-Up bag, at the United Fresh Produce Association’s expo in Chicago.

At the Fox Packaging booth, No. 6012, the company is showcasing the new bags as nature-friendly option to the company’s Stand-Up Combo bag.

“It is gratifying to announce these new material offerings as they are a sincere demonstration of Fox Packaging’s dedication to our customers,” Aaron Fox, executive vice president at Fox Packaging, said in a news release. “As our research and development teams have been driven by environmentally-conscious agendas, this is our way of answering that call-to-action and being a continued industry solution.” 

Fox Packaging Produce Manager Jeff Reger said the Fox Eco Stand-up has the same format as previous stand-up bags, but it’s made out of a different material that “delivers on the expectations requested by recyclers.” The HD Stand-up has a “rigid and crisp” feel that’s comparable to polypropylene, but is stiffer.

“We are determined to push the reusability of our products to assist in diverting plastic from landfills, and to inform our audiences of the reality of the reduce, reuse, recycle reality of our industry,” Craig Fox, executive vice president, said in the release.

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