A new shipping bin seeks to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables during shipping. ( Courtesy JMT/Macro Plastics )

JMT US and Macro Plastics are launching bin for fresh produce specifically engineered for controlled atmosphere environments to extend shelf life.

The JMT CA Bin 730 was designed by both companies, according to a news release. Macro Plastics developed the nesting Hybrid 44-P bin with solid walls, and JMT designed a cover to fit the bit, the JMT Lid 9, according to the release.

The lid secures with an easy-to-use clip system. Once it’s closed, the bin helps preserve the freshness of the fruits and vegetables.

“The (controlled-atmosphere) conditions are obtained through an all-natural process, as it is the breathing of the stored product that modifies the atmosphere, thanks to the patented gas-selective membranes on the lid that controls O2 and CO2 rates inside the bin,” according to the release.

The reusable bins break down and have a four-to-one empty-return ratio, according to the release. According to the release, shippers can save on transportation and shrink, and prevents weight loss during transport.