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Scroll down to view a variety of cabbage statistics. A traditional favorite for many older generations, cabbage is consistently sought out by specific demographic groups, namely female shoppers and consumers age 50 and older — a trend now in its eighth year. These two groups were the most likely to buy the vegetable overall. Conversely, male shoppers and those age 18-39 were the least likely to buy cabbage overall. This cruciferous veggie is popular throughout all ethnic groups, but was favored by Black shoppers more than other ethnicities, according to Fresh Trends 2018. Southern shoppers were more likely to buy than those in other regions.

More than one-quarter of buyers (27%) said they bought organic cabbage at least some of the time, a number up eight percentage points from last year. Asian consumers, those who were part of the “all other” ethnic group, and those with three or more children at home were the most likely to make a periodic organic cabbage purchase. Nine percent said they always bought organic product. 

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