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Holding steady as the No. 4 vegetable in Fresh Trends 2018, carrots were also eighth most popular overall. Because of their ability to be eaten raw or cooked, prepared whole, peeled or in slices or coins, this salad vegetable was purchased by 60% of all consumers last year.

The likelihood of a carrot purchase increased according to income, but age actually was the most significant factor when it came to carrot purchases. Shoppers in the oldest age bracket have been the most likely age group to buy for at least the past five years, but in the past two years there’s been a clear delineation between young shoppers — those age 18-39 — and those 40 and older, who are significantly more likely to buy carrots. At least seven in 10 shoppers age 40 and older bought carrots in the past year, according to Fresh Trends 2018.




Caucasian shoppers were more likely to make a carrot purchase than those of other ethnicities.
Two-thirds of buyers said they purchased conventionally grown carrots, while 30% said they bought organic product at least some of the time. Nine percent said they always bought organic carrots.