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The likelihood of a sweet potato purchase slipped three percentage points from Fresh Trends 2017. However, shoppers showed an increased interest in organic sweet potatoes this year. Scroll down to view interesting statistics. 

Nearly one-third of buyers in Fresh Trends 2018 (32%) said they bought organic sweet potatoes at least some of the time; last year only 20% said the same. Eleven percent of buyers said they always purchased organic products, a number up two percentage points from last year. 

Older shoppers have a soft spot for these healthy orange tubers, with shoppers age 40 and older among the most likely to buy sweet potatoes overall along with those in the South and those earning more than $100,000 annually. For the last decade, the likelihood of a sweet potato purchase has increased according to income.

These spuds are preferred by Caucasian and Black shoppers rather than those from other ethnicities. And while consumers without kids were slightly more likely to buy sweet potatoes, the likelihood of purchase increased steadily according to the number of kids in the home. 

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