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AgroFresh Solutions, whose SmartFresh technology extends the shelf life of produce, has added more items available for treatment, including avocados, tomatoes, broccoli and mangoes.

SmartFresh is used extensively in the supply chain on apples, pears and bananas, according to a news release. AgroFresh, Philadelphia, has invested in validating its use on other crops and obtaining regulatory approval to expand the use of SmartFresh in more countries.

SmartFresh was first released in 2002, and the 1-MCP ethylene blocker has been widely adopted in the apple industry on fruit in storage.

“We have continued to enhance our technology, bolster our expertise and deepen our collaboration with customers so that they can use SmartFresh to support even more of their produce supply chain,” AgroFresh CEO Jordi Ferre said in the release.

Narciso Vivot, AgroFresh director of business diversification, said SmartFresh preserves texture, firmness, taste and appearance of produce during storage, transportation and display at retail.

“For years, our global customers have relied on SmartFresh for support in managing an ever-increasing number of crops,” Vivot said in the release. “Now, customers are also reporting excellent ready-to-eat produce freshness results, especially with avocados and melons, and are excited about leveraging new business opportunities.”

According to the company, SmartFresh:

  • Supports ripening management;
  • Extends the storage window;
  • Reduces food waste and enhances sustainability goals;
  • Supports new business opportunities by extending shipping periods; and
  • Works on a wide range of crops, including melons, stone fruit, limes and kiwifruit.

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