Stokes Purple Sweet Potato Salad is one recipe of several created for summer. ( Courtesy of Frieda's Specialty Produce )

Culinary experts from Los Alamitos, Calif-based Frieda’s Specialty Produce created grilling and picnic-friendly recipes inspired by Stokes Purple sweet potatoes and put them in a new recipe portal.

Summer is all about grilling, and a 2018 Category Partners research report shows that potatoes are the second favorite vegetable to grill after corn, according to a news release. 

“When you combine that with the fact that 68% of shoppers want to add more vegetables to their summer tables, it is a no-brainer that shoppers would be looking for ways to grill and serve sweet potatoes, specifically Stokes Purple sweet potatoes,” Cindy Sherman, Frieda’s marketing director, said in the release. “Their firmer texture and balanced sweetness make them the ideal potato for grilling and summer sides.”

For instance, the culinary collaborators made s’mores more colorful by schmearing on purple sweet potato on a graham cracker. They also placed a Stokes Purple sweet potato right on the grill, wrapped in foil. 

“Grilling these unique products develops richer, brighter flavors, making them a great addition to any summer BBQ,” Sherman said in the release. 

Frieda’s developed a vegan Stokes Purple sweet potato salad with no mayonnaise.

The recipes can be found in the new recipe portal at

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