Frieda's Inc. has a new stand-up display for its shelf-stable crepes. ( Courtesy Frieda's Inc. )

Frieda’s Inc. has a new stand-up display for its shelf-stable, ready-to eat crepes.

The biggest sales period for crepes is Valentine’s Day through Mother’s Day, according to the Los Alamitos, Calif.-based company, and Frieda’s suggests cross-merchanding them with berries to boost sales, according to a news release.

The displays hold four cases of the crepes and have bright graphics and three steps for how to prepare them, according to the release.

“Our top retail clients suggested that we design these space-saving display units,” Alex Jackson Berkley, assistant sales manager, said in the release. 

“We also found that the stand-up displays draw attention to other produce around the area and not just to the crêpe packages themselves. They definitely work well with berries and also with tropical fruits and citrus.”