Sysco Corp. has chosen Frieda's Specialty Produce as a supplier on its Supplies on the Fly e-commerce platform. ( Courtesy Frieda's )

Frieda’s Specialty Produce, Los Alamitos, Calif., has been chosen to be a supplier to Sysco Corp.’s e-commerce platform, Supplies on the Fly.

Supplies on the Fly allows the restaurants, healthcare and education facilities, hotels and other foodservice operators that buy from Sysco to choose from 170,000 items that range from specialty produce to kitchen supplies and heavy equipment.

Frieda’s offers more than 150 specialty items.

“We are thrilled to provide Sysco with our products for their Supplies on the Fly online ordering platform,” Karen Caplan, president and CEO of Frieda’s, said in a news release. “This platform directly connects Frieda’s to chefs and foodservice providers all over the country, so that together we can inspire new food experiences.”

Brian Todd, senior vice president of merchandising for Sysco, said the women-owned/family-operated Frieda’s has been inspiring chefs for more than 50 years.

“This partnership further expands Sysco’s portfolio of innovative and on-trend products and provides customers with an opportunity to differentiate their menus and businesses,” Todd said in the release.