( Courtesy Frieda's Inc. )

This year Feb. 14 marks not only Valentine’s Day, but also the beginning of Lent, when many people consume seafood on Fridays or abstain from meat during the 40-day period.

Frieda’s Inc., Los Alamitos, Calif., said one of its retail customers promotes the company’s Soyrizo meatless sausage and other Hispanic produce items during Lent, according to a news release.

“Produce departments should capitalize on the shift in shopping behavior by stocking up on a wide variety of fresh produce and meat substitutes during this time,” Alex Jackson Berkley, assistant sales manager for Frieda’s, said in the release.

“With the majority of the Hispanic community observing Lent, it is important that retailers are also ready with Latin produce,” Berkley said.  

Frieda’s suggests building displays featuring cactus pads, poblano and Anaheim peppers, and other Hispanic dried peppers, according to the release.

Items popular for seafood dishes include Key limes, Meyer and pink lemons, ginger, shallots and fennel, according to the company.