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Traditional Easter meals are continuing to evolve from ham-centered dinners to lighter brunches with more fresh produce.  

A 2019 study by C+R Research and Frieda’s Specialty Produce, Los Alamitos, Calif., shows 68% of shoppers plan to serve more vegetable-forward dishes this spring, according to a news release. 

The same study revealed 66% of shoppers want to try new varieties like colored cauliflower, purple asparagus and rainbow carrots more than traditional items such as kale and artichokes. 

“Here at Frieda’s, we were surprised to learn how interested shoppers are in trying new vegetables in spring, primarily driven by millennials,” Alex Berkley, Frieda’s sales manager, said in the release. “This is suggestive of everything we have been learning about millennials’ tastes, but the survey really drives it home.”

Variety drives in-store traffic, the study shows: 73% percent of shoppers will choose one grocery store over another, if one offers better variety.

Also, Frieda’s expects a good supply for spring items.

“Although weather has kept us on our toes in California, we are excited about the outlook of our supplies on the best spring sellers,” Allen Demo, director of procurement and sourcing at Frieda’s, said in the release.