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If you ever feel down about the state of humanity in the world today, if you need a feel-good jolt of emotion to get you through the day, there is one thing you should absolutely NOT do - visit the news page of Customs and Border Protection website.

Even this week, The Packer’s Daniel Vanderhorst covered a story “Pharr CBP officers on a pot-busting roll” about the latest offense to be chronicled.

As the story goes, smugglers attempting to slip a ton and a half of marijuana in a shipment of mixed vegetables were foiled by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Pharr International Bridge cargo facility.

If you like news like this, the Customs and Border Protection news feed has more grim and horrible news. Here are a few of the headlines on the site from the last few days:

Border Patrol Discovers Meth in Engine Compartment
SALTON CITY, Calif. – El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Highway 86 checkpoint, arrested a woman suspected of smuggling methamphetamine inside
a SUV engine compartment Saturday morning. Agents find almost 50 lbs. of meth inside...

Ajo Agents Arrest Honduran MS-13 Gang Member
TUCSON, Ariz. – Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Ajo Station arrested a previously deported MS-13 gang member Friday night. Agents patrolling west of Lukeville encountered and arrested three Mexican nationals and two Honduran.....

Phoenix Woman Arrested for Smuggling Heroin
TUCSON, Ariz. – Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents from the Nogales Station arrested a 29-year-old Phoenix woman Saturday afternoon after finding her with more than 10 ounces of heroin at the Interstate 19 immigration checkpoint. Agents at the I-19...

Agents Thwart Another Human Smuggling Attempt
YUMA, Ariz. — Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents from the Wellton Station working at the immigration checkpoint on Interstate 8 west of Yuma arrested two Arizona women early Sunday for alien smuggling. After a Border Patrol canine alerted to an odor...

Border Patrol K9 Team Finds 111 Bricks of Marijuana
TUCSON, Ariz. – Border Patrol agents from the Willcox Station arrested a Tucson woman Friday evening at the immigration checkpoint on State Route 80 near Tombstone after finding 111 bricks of marijuana hidden in her Chevrolet Impala. Agents assigned...

Nogales CBP Officers Seize $487K in Meth
TUCSON, Ariz. –U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at Arizona’s Port of Nogales apprehended two Mexican nationals involved in separate failed attempts to smuggle methamphetamine into the United States Thursday. Officers seized 122 pounds of...

Border Patrol Arrests Man Wanted for Attempted Murder in NC
TUCSON, Ariz. – While patrolling east of Nogales, Border Patrol agents assigned to the Nogales Station arrested Francisco Lopez-Loyola, a 38-year-old Mexican national for being illegally present in the United States Thursday. During processing, a...

Pharr Man Sentenced to Life for Hostage-Taking Kidnapping Conspiracy Arrested at Colombia-Solidarity Bridge
LAREDO, Texas - U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Field Operations officers, together with FBI special agents and U.S. Marshals at Colombia-Solidarity Bridge today took custody of a man from Pharr, Texas wanted on outstanding federal warrants...

CBP Field Operations Seizes over 1,400 Pounds of Marijuana Concealed Within a Commercial Trailer
PHARR, Texas—U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Field Operations (OFO) at the Pharr International Bridge cargo facility discovered 1,439 pounds of alleged marijuana within a commercial trailer. Packages containing 1,439 pounds of marijuana...

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Agents Arrest Two Convicted Sex Offenders
DEL RIO, Texas - U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Comstock and Eagle Pass stations arrested two convicted sex offenders with extensive criminal histories who had previously been removed from the United States. Hector Vargas-Pineda“These arrests

TK: Thank God for the officers who do what they can to keep out criminals and drugs out of the U.S. It should be noted there are also many stories about how CPB officer help Mexican nationals abandoned by smugglers or lend aid to others who have been in accidents. So I amend my thoughts about the CBP news feed - it is a place to have a front-row view on both the best and worst in humanity.



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