The Port of Long Beach, pictured here, and Port of Los Angeles, are in a quarantine area for Mexican fruit fly. ( Courtesy Port of Long Beach )

A part of Los Angeles, including the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports where a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are imported into the U.S., is under quarantine for Mexican fruit fly.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture reported three flies, including two mated females, were found in the City of Long Beach. That indicates a breeding population, increasing the risk of the pest spreading, according to a news release from the department.

The quarantine area is 79 square miles, and the map is available online.

The department is working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, according to the release. As part of the eradication effort, sterile male fruit flies will be released in the area, with about 325,000 males released for each square mile, up to 50 square miles around the infestation.

Other actions include treating properties within 200 meters of the site with Spinosad, with originates from naturally-occurring bacteria, according to the CDFA release. Fruit in the 100-meter area of the infestation will be removed.

Growers, wholesalers and retailers of susceptible fruit, and nurseries that grow/sell Mexican fruit fly host plants are required to take steps to protect against spreading the fruit flies, according to the release.

At the ports, exports and imports could be affected, depending on specific circumstances, according to the release.