Sinclair's Ecolabel is compostable and biodegradable. ( Courtesy Sinclair International )

This year’s nominees for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award includes Sinclair International’s EcoLabel.

The United Kingdom-based company has a variety of labels for different needs, and the Ecolabel is food-safe and fully compostable produce label that is designed to disintegrate within 12 weeks. It also biodegrades in 180 days.

It has been independently certified by TUV Austria to carry the “OK Compost Industrial” designation according to Sinclair. It meets European standards for compostable and biodegradable packaging, according to Sinclair.

Ten items have been nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation awards, according to a news release. The top award will be presented Feb. 7 at the show, which is Feb. 5-7 in Berlin.

More than 78,000 people from more than 135 countries are expected to attend. Participants can vote on the award during the trade show floor hours.

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