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The University of California Postharvest Technology Center is offering its 25th annual Fruit Ripening & Ethylene Management Workshop.

This workshop is intended for shippers, fruit handlers (wholesale and retail), processors and produce managers, according to a news release. Temperature management, ripening facilities, commodity-specific ripening protocols and more will be covered at the event, April 2-3 at the University of California-Davis.

The Postharvest Center recently conducted in-store consumer sensory surveys, which shows consumers prefer ripe fruit over mature, according to the release.

“When ripening techniques that we teach in this workshop were implemented, produce managers and fruit handlers saw sales of ripe fruit increase, without creating additional losses,” according to the release.

Registration is available online at https://bit.ly/2HbR9IG, and information about the workshop is also available online at https://bit.ly/2H0JU7k.

Catalytic Generators and its sister company, QA Supplies, are sponsoring the workshop for the 11th year.