Fyffes is celebrating 130 years in business. ( Courtesy Fyffes NA )

Dublin, Ireland-based Fyffes is marking its 130th Anniversary in September, and the celebration will continue after that.

“By marking 130 years in the banana business we are shining the spotlight on the generations of wonderful people and partners who have contributed to our success over those years — and on those who will do so as we move forward,” David McCann, Fyffes chairman, said in the release.

A large banana importer and a leading marketer of organic and Fairtrade bananas, Fyffes has annual sales of $1.4 billion and ships about 70 million boxes of bananas each year, according to the release, in addition to melons, pineapples, mushrooms and other fresh produce.



The history of the company relates to a long-ago trip to the tropics by Edward Wathen Fyffe.

In 1888, Fyffe took his wife to the Canary Islands to recuperate from tuberculosis. While she recovered, Edward Fyffe became enamored with bananas grown on the island and hatched a plan to bring the tropical fruit to London, according to the release.

Sept. 20 marks 130 years to the day when Fyffe’s bananas were sold in Covent Garden, London, according to the release.

Fyffes was not only the world’s first fruit brand, it was also one of the first to support Fairtrade bananas and is now a major Fairtrade banana supplier, according to the release.

Fyffes plans to focus on brand storytelling. It plans to conduct a commemorative sticker campaign. Giving a spin on the original Fyffes logo, the special edition stickers will be featured on all Fyffes bananas through early November. 

For more information about the celebration, visit www.fyffes.com or Fyffes's Facebook page and PMA Fresh Summit Booth No. 3733.