Courtesy Fyffes ( Fyffes is promoting education efforts in the Central American countries where the company’s melons are grown. )

Fyffes started a program in Honduras in 2016 that distributes school supplies to farm workers’ children, giving incentives for academic growth.

That program continues, according to a news release.

“A core focus of our mission is to be an empowering force in the communities in which we operate,” Julie Cournoyer, Fyffes global sustainability director, said in a news release. “This includes everything from providing well-rounded education, to funding teacher salaries and improving living conditions for families.”

In Guatemala, Fyffe’s FUNDASOL foundation, pays for desks, school supplies, more teachers, and sports and school facility upgrades.

“These children represent the future, so it’s very important to Fyffes that we affect positive influence on these kids from a very early age,” Cournoyer said in the release. “School supplies, building infrastructure, security — we recognize and support how crucial all of these factors are toward a successful learning environment.”