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When it came time for judges for the 2019 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award to choose a Platinum winner, they found it easy to pronounce “Fyffes.”

Fyffes North America, Coral Gables, Fla., received the award for its Easy to Eat, Easy to Pronounce campaign, which launched in North America this fall, aimed at showing how easy it is to pronounce “Fyffes,” according to a news release.

The ads feature a pair of lips, one of them painted to look like a banana.

“The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award is based on the premise that the goal of marketing communications is to change, influence, or reinforce a target audience’s knowledge, attitudes or beliefs,” Jocelyn Luciano, principle/managing director for the Summit Award. “Using this premise as a basis for its judging criteria, the competition is a true arbiter of marketing communication effectiveness."

Fyffes, based in Ireland, has a strong brand recognition in Europe since its founding more than 130 years ago, according to the release. The brand name, however, has only become familiar in the US and Canada over the last few years, and many people are unsure if they are saying it correctly.

“We wanted to take the wonder and curiosity around our brand name to create a playful and innovative campaign that would have the Fyffes name on everyone’s lips,” Marion Tabard, Fyffes vice president of marketing in North America, said in the release. “Winning a Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award is an exciting accomplishment as it requires a demonstration of proven results.”

Judges recognized just 6% of the 1,400 submissions from across the globe, according to the release.

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