( Courtesy Fyffes )

Fyffes has converted all of its melon shipments to include the shareable and reusable wooden pallets from CHEP.

All of the melon shipments over the past season used the wooden pallets, according to a news release, and their use is expanding to other products this year.

The move ties into Fyffes’ global Sustainability Strategy — Stewardship for the Planet initiative, according to the release. One of the initiatives is to use shareable and reused wooden pallets to move the company’s fruit, including bananas, which has increasingly used the pallets.

Fyffes aligns its sustainability practices with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, according to Julie Cournoyer, the company’s global director of sustainability. Use of the CHEP pallets helps Fyffes improve in the UN’s “responsible consumption and production” and “climate action” sustainability categories, according to Cournoyer in the release.

Reusable and shared wooden pallets have the lowest environmental effect compared to limited-use and plastic pallets, according to Fyffes.

Erick Pinot, commercial director of Mexico and general manager in Central America for CHEP, said the pallets provide a “circular economy” with their re-use.

“This provides the benefit of acquiring a sustainable product in a society that is engaged with the planet now more than ever,” Pinot said in the release.

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