( Generation Farms )

Lake Park, Ga.-based Generation Farms is building on a recently expanded line of colored sweet onions, said Lauren Dees, sales and marketing manager.

“We’re building on a successful season last year, which was the first year we were able to introduce organic whites.”

The company has 100 acres of organic Vidalia onions this year, plus 100 additional acres of organic colored onions, Dees said.

“Organics do great; the demand has just grown from year to year, and we anticipate that to continue,” she said. “We aim to grow 100-200 acres of organic Vidalias.”

Generation has about 70 acres of organic red onions and 20 of organic whites, she said.

Shoppers tend to prefer medium sizes in organic onions, Dees said.

“We’re marketing ourselves as a one-stop shop for all colored conventional, organic, sweets for the East Coast,” she said.

In addition, Generation is offering a sweet onion program outside the Vidalia region, from Florida and Georgia, Dees said.

“We enjoy offering consumers a local-grown product; it’s a big draw,” Dees said. “People like to know where their food comes from and to be able to offer a local program.”

A major goal of the expansion is customer convenience, Dees said.

“Last year was our first to have the complete red, white and yellow organic program and this year we’re excited to come back with a second season and look forward to being able to provide a one-stop shop for all retailers’ onion needs,” she said.

Talk of lean onion supplies have dominated conversations through the spring. Will Generation Farms have enough organic onions this season?

“I don’t think you can ever have enough organics,” Dees said. “We’re really proud of the flexibility and what we’re able to offer, from a 2-pound individual up to 50-pound bag for foodservice and up to bins.”