Giro Pack's upgraded SpeedLine equipment is its fastest and most versatile equipment. ( Courtesy Giro Pack )

Giro Pack has new packing equipment that the fastest and most versatile line the company has offered.

The UB-S65 SpeedLine can handle 10 different bag styles, at up to 36 bags a minute, according to a news release. The higher output gives companies a reliable way to increase production while lowering labor, according to Giro Pack.

“With labor wages continuing to climb, efficiencies are critical and ultimately affect the bottom line,” Jen Doxey, West Coast sales manager, said in the release. “The Giro SpeedLine helps packers put money back in their pockets by increasing output and reducing labor cost.”
Equipment attributes include:

  • Can operate up to two hours non-stop on average;Compatible with Giro’s compostable, reduced plastic, and 100% recyclable material options;
  • Updated 10-inch color touch screen;
  • Electronics panel more accessible; and
  • Thermal transfer eliminates need for adhesive labels.

“In addition to the speed, the bagger is still able to offer the flexibility of different bag styles,” John Carrillo of Manfredi Cos. said in the release. “I would recommend the new SpeedLine to any packer who wants to grow their business to the next level.”

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