Giumarra Vineyards' Arra 15/Arra Sweeties green grape variety are among six of the company's Arra varieties that have unique PLU codes. ( Giumarra Vineyards )

Bakersfield, Calif.-based Giumarra Vineyards Corp. has unique PLU’s for six of its Arra-branded grape varieties.

“The addition of unique PLU’s and UPC-A codes on our Arra branded bags will provide our retail partners with the data needed to better segment the grape category,” Mimi Corsaro, vice president of marketing and director of export sales, said in a news release.

The new PLU’s include green, red and black varieties.

Green varieties:

  • Arra 15/Arra Sweeties — 3491
  • Arra 30/Arra Sugar Drop — 3504

Red Varieties:                                                                              

  • Arra 28/Arra Passion Punch — 3503
  • Arra 29/Arra Passion Fire — 3492

Black Varieties:

  • Arra 27/Arra Mystic Star — 3502
  • Arra 32/Arra Mystic Dream — 3505

“We are excited to offer fresh and flavorful premium varieties that will result in a noticeably larger ring at the register compared to conventional varieties,” Corsaro said.