The Giumarra Co's. new persimmon, Sugar & Spice, is available starting in mid-October. ( The Giumarra Cos. )

You could say the new persimmon from The Giumarra Cos. has “everything nice.”

The Sugar & Spice persimmon, available this fall, is shaped like the hachiya persimmon, but has a ready-to-eat texture like the fuyu, according to a news release.

The fruit, from California’s San Joaquin Valley, will be available in mid-October in a one-layer tray pack the Price Look-Up #4427, or a retailer-assigned PLU. It’s also available in an 8-10-piece consumer pack with a Universal Product Code.

“We sampled Sugar & Spice last fall with a select group of customers, and the response to the flavor was overwhelmingly positive,” Jeannine Martin, director of sales for Giumarra Reedley, said in the release. “It is high-brix, with unique notes of fall baking spices and a touch of vanilla. Its texture is similar to a crunchy Fuyu.

“A creamier texture occurs when additional ripening happens at home, much like an avocado’s transitional ripening process,” Martin said in the release.

The company also has hachiya and fuyu varieties.

“We look forward to expanding our growing persimmon category with this proprietary new variety perfect for fall celebrations,” Kellee Harris, Western Region business director for Giumarra, said in the release. “Sugar & Spice is locally-grown in California and packed with nutritional value. It lends a burst of color and flavor to salads and desserts.”

Fuyus are now available and the company’s persimmon shipping ends in December.