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Energy technology firm Concentric Power Inc. and California's Gonzales Electric Authority have entered into an Energy Services Agreement to deliver wholesale electric power via a community-scale microgrid in and around the Gonzales Agricultural Industrial Business Park.

According to a news release, the microgrid will start with 35 megawatts of capacity to provide locally generated, resilient and sustainable power to the agricultural industrial park, which houses processing facilities for some of the country’s largest fresh vegetable and wine producers.

The microgrid will also meet the clean energy requirements of the City of Gonzales’s Climate Action Plan.

“The companies who do business here need to know that they will have the power they need, when they need it, from a variety of green and low-carbon sources,” Maria Orozco, mayor of the City of Gonzales, said in the release.

The release said Concentric Power designed the intelligent microgrid to integrate a mix of 14.5M megawatts of solar energy, 10 megawatts of battery energy storage and 10 megawatts of flexible thermal generation. All the power sources are managed by the company’s Advanced Microgrid Controller, according to the release.

The system, according to the release, will allow the park to island from the wider energy grid, ensuring that end users have reliable, high-quality power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even when facing planned or unplanned grid outages. 

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