Supplier Spotlight — Good Foods Group to launch DTC website
Brittany Vetter, director of retail sales for Good Foods Group, talks with retail editor Ashley Nickle about the company's produce lineup and new DTC website. ( The Packer )

Pleasant Prairie, Wis.-based Good Foods Group plans to debut in the coming weeks a direct-to-consumer site. will make the company’s dips, dressings and guacamole accessible to consumers across the country.

“We’re super excited,” said Brittany Vetter, director of retail sales for Good Foods. “It’s something we’ve been working on for quite some time, and we’ve put a lot of energy and collaboration into that. We love that we can get to anybody in the U.S. even if it’s not sold in a retailer near you.”

The arrival of COVID-19 and the subsequent increase in the popularity of online grocery shopping has reaffirmed the need for that option, Vetter noted.

“That’s one of those key areas we’ve noticed since the beginning of all of this change,” she said. “It’s really forced us to take a turn and really look into e-comm, whether it is with our own website or even promoting more digitally with our retail partners, so we’re definitely taking a deeper look into the e-comm channel.”


New products coming

Salad dressings are some of the newer products from Good Foods, and it plans to add to its lineup again later this year.

The PMA Fresh Summit will be virtual instead of in-person this year due to the pandemic, but Good Foods still plans to introduce some new items, including a spinach artichoke dip.

The company’s products are made with high-pressure processing, technology that allows for extended shelf life and freshness without the use of artificial preservatives.

Good Foods includes HPP in the frequently asked questions list on its website and includes a High Pressure Certified seal on its packaging. The company is a founding member of the Cold Pressure Council, which created the seal and supports education on the benefits of HPP.

Vetter said Good Foods has done some research that indicates growing interest around the technology.

“Mainly the consumers are more aware and more interested in the benefits of the technology — not the technology itself but why do we do it, and again it’s because of that fresh ingredients, the fresh flavor, it allows us to be preservative-free, it gives that longer shelf life, so it’s not only great for our end consumer but for buyers as well,” Vetter said.