Walt Dasher, co-owner of G&R Farms, sits next to Vidalia onions like those used in dishes for long-haul Delta Air Lines flights. Photo courtesy G&R Farms.

A seasonal menu for Delta One, the luxury class for long-haul international flights, includes dishes with Vidalia onions from Tattnall County, Ga.-based G&R Farms.

Atlanta-based chef Linton Hopkins creates menus for Delta Air Lines flights from Atlanta to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Rome and other far-flung destinations.

“We were honored to be a part of the latest Delta One seasonal menu,” Walt Dasher, co-owner of G&R Farms, said in a news release. “Chef Hopkins is an internationally acclaimed chef who creates an incredible culinary experience for Delta customers using wholesome, local ingredients. He is a true friend of farmers, and his menus are always unique and inspiring.”

The dishes that feature G&R product include cream of Vidalia onion soup and a peppered bistro steak that has Vidalia onions and other vegetables on the side.

“This is a story of a farmer, chef and global airline working together to make in-flight food better through a direct agricultural partnership,“ Linton said in the release.

“I was fortunate to meet Walt Dasher and sample his onions. Plain and simple, G&R Farms Vidalia onions are true to what defines them for me: balanced sweetness, a bright and crisp texture and distinctive shape. They are authentic and delicious.”



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