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Grapes add more than $3 billion annually to the bottom line of retailers. They are popular with most shoppers, and kids love them. Capitalize on grapes’ popularity to grab your share of grape sales.

After falling in 2016, grape retail sales rose nearly 3% on a nearly 7% increase in volume. Per-pound retail prices dropped 3.5%.


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These colorful, crisp globes consistently reign as one of the most popular items in the produce department—this year they tied with strawberries as the No. 2 fruit (after bananas and apples, which tied for first place). They are popular among all ages, income levels and family types, in fact, at least half of all consumers surveyed said they purchased grapes in the past year .

Consumers looking for a healthy dessert alternative have grapes as a refreshing option—more than one-quarter of buyers said they used the tiny globes as an end-of-meal treat. Of course, grapes’ primary use is as a snack—88% of grape buyers said they used the fruit this way. Grapes were also equally adored as a side dish, an appetizer, and salad by consumers. Green seedless grapes are the favorite, with red seedless varieties coming in second.

Older consumers were more likely to grab grapes. Shoppers who were 50 or older, female consumers and those in the top income bracket were the most likely to buy grapes overall.